Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Week 6 Reading Activities

WALT: We are learning to make predictions using visual cues and our prior knowledge on the topic or title and by reading the text.

SUCCESS CRITERIA: I am able to confirm my prediction by reading the text.

Title:get your hands dirty

  1. My Predictions:is that  apple,banana into the green plastic buckets   

  1. Key Ideas:when the bell rings it the end of lunchtime

  1. Vocabulary and meanings: - Write at least 10  words down and its meaning.
         1. recycling return (material) to a previous stage in a cyclic process.
          2. separate-forming           
          3. sustainable-able to be maintained.
          4. designing-acting in a calculating.
         5. wriggling-twist and turn with quick writhing movements.
         6.tiritiri-matangi,an island in the hauraki gulf
         7.Jonzen-pressed two stakes into the ground.
         8.straight-extending or moving uniformly in one direction only.
        9.gumboots-a long rubber boots
       10.vegetable-a plant or part of a plant used as food, such as a cabbage, potato, turnip, or bean.
    4.My question and answers:
    1.Why is the buckets are full with food? but they won’t be thrown in the bin
    2.Why did they put bark chips onto the food? scraps in the compost to stop it

    3.Why are they planting more trees? because the dirt was hand and we had to dig it with a spade,” said jimmy