Monday, 11 November 2019

Treasure map

Where is the treasure? in the MIDDLE

Today in maths we did a problem. I remember drawing it with 5 squares each way,'' says the Captain. 

"There was a row of three trees running due East from the square (1,1)", Peg Leg Pete says. "You put each one of them on a different square."

"Weren’t there four granite boulders going due South from (5,5)?" John asks. "I think you put one of them each in a square too."

"Ah!. Now I remember!" yells the Captain. "I buried the treasure halfway between the first
rock and the most western tree!"

Friday, 20 September 2019

Camp day 1

On Monday 9th september 2019 room 7 went to camp, but before we went on camp we packed our bags on the bus, and saying goodbye to our parents. It was a little emotional to leave our parents because we were going for a week even tho its a week this is the longest that we left our parents but we pass that challenges of saying goodbye to our family.

When we left school it was a very long drive it was about four or three hour we had lunch around 12:30 but my friend Tangi vomiting in the bus because he felt sick but in his own hoodie everyone finished eating & put their bags on the bus.

We arrive at waitangi top entrance of waitangi cultural performance it was kind of scary because the warriors was going to whack him in the head. We went in the Marae and took our shoe off their performance was amazing Miss Raj told us to do our new haka in front of them.

At four o'clock we travel to Orongo Bay we by boat to we meet Chris & Magnus we got welcome & did the rules Tui,Po,Villiami'T,Villiami’M we went in our room we were all excited for camp but my leg was tied i follower Chris and Manus we play a game call site orientation it was very painful     

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

technology wood

I have chosen to make a chopper for my little brother. I think this is the best choice because my little brother likes to play with toys especially with toys that can fly. It will be used as a decoration or a toy for my brother. It will be put on the shelf in his room. For this project I will have to consider looking after it and also keeping it clean.